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Jessica Simpson S ’n‘ G Strategy cont…
I ended the last blog by saying I fold KK 100% of time in a certain position. I would fold AA, KK, any hand in this position. (If you didn’t have a chance to read my last blog please check it out here)

So let’s refresh your memory :

$200 SnG, Top 3 get paid. Blinds are 100-200
You have 14,700 chips
Player A has 1500
Player B 1500
Player C 300

Basically you have a MONSTER chip lead and unless a miracle happens you should take this tournament down.

Hand plays out like this…..

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Poker Jill Online Poker GirlI’ve recently done a site makeover, and reorganized all my poker information. On this website you’ll find information on how to play Texas Hold’em, as well as tips on bluffing strategies, betting, and calculating odds to make you a better poker player. You’ll also find bios on the top female players in the World Poker Tour, as well as female poker celebrities. Most of all, you’ll find that women are ready to take over the world of poker! It’s about time. 🙂

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